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Beautiful lighting for children

Children's lighting, Starry Sky
Elobra lights are an inseparable part of Children's room
Beautiful lighting for children

Starry Sky

Almost every Child has a period that hardly can fall asleep in the dark – some of them are rather afraid of it. Children's lighting from ELOBRA offer a solution to this problem.

Starry Sky adds subtle mood lighting, your children will sleep with no fear.

Favourite patterns

Each child has their favorite character from fairy tales or Cartoons, so in our selection can everyone find their favorite design.

Frogees, Lions, Firefighters, Butterflies, Pirates, Princess and we could continue long ...

Many patterns are available in several colors.

Ambient and General lights

Big part of children's lighting from Elobra has two different functions. Have the function of ambient light but also the function of general richer light intensity.