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Frequently Asked Questions

If my order is delivered in multiple shipments at different times who pays the shipping charges?

The delivery fee is calculated only once. If the products are available in several shipments, we pay for any additional cost. The only thing we ask is that you consult with our colleagues (phone or email).

Is online payment by card safe?

Payment by debit or credit card is provided by an international payment service provider. As customer launches a payment card transaction protocol, it will take place through the bank that issued the card. Data transmission SSL (Secure Socket Layer) takes place via an encrypted channel. These websites are protected by multiple security modules and dozens of filters, means that the reported data is passing through the protected system.

Trader sees only the number of the transaction, Credit Card data is not received at all. On-line payment by debit/credit is therefore safe.


I have placed an order when will it arrive?

After you place an order, goods usually arrive to our warehouse within approximately one week. At products that come from abroad the "Product Availability" may extend over weeks (2 weeks or 4 weeks). We will inform you about availability by the next working day after you placed the order. If you do not comply, we reserve the right to change or cancel your order. The vast majority of products get packaged and sent the same day, that we receive them from the manufacturers at our warehouse,.


What happens if I do not like the product after unpacking...?

When you get a product that you do not like, you can withdraw from the contract within 14 days. You must return the product to us undamaged. If every product get here undamaged, we will offer a full refund in the form of product replacement or cash value of the returned product.


How do I buy a product that I have not seen?

Online Shopping protects consumers rights with right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days. We count those 14 days from the date of receiving ordered goods by customer.


Will I be notified when the goods get shipped?

Before sending your products we will inform you by email or phone! Courier will receive a telephone number of the recipient and before delivery will inform you!


Can I see a product in your store?

Unfortunately, we have canceled all our physical stores, products are displayed on our website and sent from a central warehouse.


Is it also possible to order by phone?

We accept orders only via Internet (web-shop, email), by phone we give only information.


What is the warranty on the products and how to recover if necessary?

The manufacturer gives a guarantee on all its products after verification of invoices and warranty card, which their give to each sold product.