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How to use our web-shop and interpretation of legends

We strive to build our business and services so that you can easily find and buy the desired product. Our e-shop is especially adapted to the emerging needs of the user, so you can purchase easily and safely. We try to inform you as much as possible about the best possible selection of products.

How to choose the products

You can be informed about any product without placing an order. In this case, entering your data is not necessary. You can choose from available products and place them in your shopping cart without registration. After your registration (log in) your products will reappear in shopping cart.

We have created multi-level menu structure to easily display and view the products. The Home page contains links that allows you to select the major groups/categories of products, under which you can find some other subgroups. Click on the chosen category to display a detailed list. You can click on the desired product, that will take you to a page with photos and descriptions. At the bottom is shown the price and the ability to add the product to shopping cart.

If you are requesting to view or add other products, click CONTINUE.


Search Options

You can make SEARCHing easier if you choose a keyword or part of the product ID (code).


Ordering Products

The order will be valid after your registration and after indication of your delivery/shipping and billing information. The registration is confirmed only after you fill all the requiered (*) fields. Of course, delivery and billing address may not be the same, so if you wish you can send a gift through our store. If you have added all desired products to the shopping cart, you can choose the payment and delivery method. After entering the shipping address our system will automatically calculate your shipping fee.


Warnings and notices about your order

After placeing your order our system will send you an e-mail confirmation.

This mail will confirm, that you have placed an order. We will then inform you about shipping dates within 24 hours.

Product availability will be displayed for each product separately.


During the waiting period you might read the following status:

Ordered from supplier

Selected items have ordered from the manufacturer. The status will indicate the date when products will arrive to our warehouse.

Outgoing product

Unfortunately, the manufacturer recalled the desired product and informed us afterthought. - In this case, we are happy to help you to choose a suitable alternative option.

In stock

Item received from the manufacturer. Product is stored in our warehouse.

Waiting for costumer's feedback

You will read this status if we wait for the cash transfer (selected as payment method), or to clarify issues relating to the product.


When the order gets canceled.


When the ordered goods get shipped by courier.