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Table lamps, Desk lamps
A table lamp has a major impact to the comfort of your home or office which may includes a variety of office accessories .
Table and Desk lamps

How to choose the perfect desk lamp ?


Choosing the perfect table lamp is relatively simple. We should think about how big light is needed to the activity that you are going to do at your desk. You might need a desk lamp that has got an adjustable head. Table lamps are available in different styles and colors, may also have some extra built-in accessories, such as USB charging ports.




First get clear on what work will be carried out at the desk. The activity that needs to focus on smaller details - such as reading , writing - need stronger light. When working precisely with small objects, we need directional light - so we'll going to have everything under control. Adjustable table lamps are the most popular but the clip-on ones are also frequently used - for example architects who use large portfolios - the positioning of desk lamp can be easily changed. Choose energy efficient light bulbs, if you need good color reproduction, so choose LEDs.


Different Styles


Make sure that the style of the lamp matches the style and color scheme of your office. The choice is wide , so the lamp can be modern, classic or minimalistic . Lovers of classical solutions can choose fixtures with antique decorative accessories. There are also solutions for children – fixtures with fairy-tale Disney ornaments.


Table lamps with accessories

Today's technology gives us lamps with built-in accessories placed on the body , such as USB ports for charging smart phones and MP3 players . There are also table lamps , which include digital clocks or holders for office supplies .